Florida Villas For Sale

Once we had decided to source properties in Florida for ‘fractional ownership’, there was really only one place that was the obvious choice; Orlando. Not only is it home to its world-famous theme parks so popular with worldwide visitors, particularly from the UK, but also it is located in central Florida making it the ideal base from which to explore the other places of interest that Florida has to offer.

We concentrated on looking for Florida villas for sale in locations that were not only convenient for Disney World and the golf courses and other attractions in and around Orlando itself but also provided easy access to the state and interstate highway network to enable you to easily get from and to the main airports and to other parts of Florida.

As a result of a recent trip to Florida, we think that we have found a variety of ideal Florida villas for sale for ‘fractional ownership’ in the two Mediterranean-styled gated communities of Tuscan Hills and Solana located on the western side of Orlando on Highway 27 (Hwy 27), roughly centrally between its junctions with Interstate 4 (I4) 5-6 miles to the south and Highway 192 (Hwy 192) 4-5 miles to the north, an area often referred to as Orlando’s  ’Golden Triangle‘.

We are proposing to make 3, 4 and 5 bedroomed villas, each with its own heated pool, available for ‘fractional ownership’ and all the Florida villas for sale sourced by us are being offered on the same basis of six eight-week fractions of the freehold ownership.  The ‘fractional ownership’ for each property is generally being offered for sale, subject to contract and availability, at a price for each ‘fraction’ of £23000 for a 3 bedroomed property, £24000 for a 4 bedroomed property and £25000 for a five bedroomed property, although we are continually looking for properties that will enable us to provide rare opportunities to offer fractions for even less!.

And remember, the fraction price includes not only a share of the freehold, the furniture and crockery etc but also all legal & closing costs, the home inspection and appliances warranty plan and the first year’s management.

Available Properties

We are presently making the following Florida villas for sale available for fractional ownership

3 Bedroomed Courtyard Villa, Brunello Drive, Tuscan Hills …….Under Contract

4 Bedroomed Courtyard Villa, Brunello Drive, Tuscan Hills …….Under Contract

4 Bedroomed Villa, Solana Circle, Solana ………………..

4 Bedroomed Villa with ‘Family Room’, Solana Circle, Solana

5 Bedroomed Courtyard Villa, Brunello Drive, Tuscan Hills …….Under Contract

In addition to the six eight-week fractions offered for sale, the remaining four weeks of each year will be used in part to ‘balance’ the annual Christmas & New Year dates, to ensure that you are able to enjoy them without the risk of travelling on or too near Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, and to provide some flexibility in choice of half-term school holiday dates, as well as providing low season management maintenance and inspection weeks.  Details of the individual fraction’s weeks, together with the use and timing of the half-term and management weeks can be found by looking at our Unique ‘Fractional’ Occupancy Calendar.

All our Florida villas for sale will be fully furnished and equipped with appliances, linen, crockery and cutlery ready for occupation and will be provided with a coded ‘lock box’ for the main door key to enable easy independent access by owners and guests.

Whilst ‘fractional property ownership’ can be an ideal cost effective and worry-free way of Florida holiday home ownership of owning a vacation home at any time and in any location, as we have said, in our decision to source properties in Florida for ‘fractional ownership’, one of the attractions was the depressed state of the property market and the opportunities that this provides.

In sourcing our particular Florida villas for sale for ‘fractional ownership’, we have not only looked for these opportunities but we have looked particularly for ‘below market value’ properties.  By this we do not mean properties that are below the peak prices of 2007, virtually all the real estate in Florida is well below that.  We mean properties that are below current market values.

Remember, a fraction is not like a timeshare where you only buy the right to occupy a number of weeks, here you are buying a share or ‘fraction’ of the freehold of a property in Florida. Not only will you be able to use the property or rent it out as you wish with no additional ‘guest certificate’ charges or such-like but, as and when you come to sell your ‘fraction’, you will not only get your money back but also benefit from any increase in its capital value once the United States property market recovers, as it will, markets always do!

If none of our present fractional properties are what you’re looking for or you’re not ready at the moment to pursue your interest in a fractional property, you can register to be updated with details of our future fractional property availability without any obligation and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Just complete our Property Updates Request and we’ll send you details of our future fractional properties together with more details of what is included in the fraction price and how a villa will be managed.

Getting There and Getting About

From the resort home communities of Tuscan Hills and Solana, Orlando International Airport is an easy 35-40 minutes drive away with the access to Disney World an even shorter 10-15 minutes drive via either Hwy 192 or I4 and they are convenient for all the other attractions in and around Orlando and central Florida generally.

The Gulf of Mexico coast at Tampa Bay to the west is a little more than 45 minutes’ drive away and the Atlantic coast with the Kennedy Space Centre etc to the east only a little over an hour’s drive away.  For the more adventurous, Miami is some 230 miles away to the south and Daytona International Speedway & Beach some 70 miles away to the north.

There are also over 20 full-size golf courses within a half- hour’s drive of the resort communities and Orlando alone boasts in excess of 170 golf courses and golf academies.

There are numerous shopping plazas along Hwy 27 with an array of shops and facilities with larger retail parks near to the junctions with I4 and Hwy 192, the latter being the location of the nearest Wal-Mart.  There are also numerous diners and restaurants and Paul Kirkman says that he can personally recommend The Shamrock Pub a couple of hundred yards south of I4 for its Chicken Caesar Salad and Guinness & Boddingtons on draught!